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Zimmerman reneged on the agreement by really demanding cash it could have been unethical for ABC to be pay.

Zimmerman reneged on the agreement by really demanding cash it could have been unethical for ABC to be pay.

SWISHER: i did not mention her — i did not mention her age or her — her outfits that are nice.

KURTZ: Yes, but you realize — but you offered her.

KURTZ: But you gave her some fashion tips.

SWISHER: Oh, that is because — because all — any — every CEO that joins Yahoo! continues on as well as on about purple, and I also’m sick and tired of it. That is all. I recently — they simply — they, like, I bleed purple, We wear purple. Carol Bartz turned up in purple. I believe Scott Thompson had purple. Therefore I make a purple joke each time they appoint — see, the truth is, they appoint a unique Yahoo! CEO every right time, you realize, the times of year modification. So.

ASHBURN: . fall colors, possibly brown or some plaid.

KURTZ: i am away from — away from my level right here.

SWISHER: Yes, but the point regarding the purple ended up being, is it isn’t the old Yahoo!. They require a new Yahoo!, and they’re going back into the Yahoo! yell as well as the Yahoo! purple. And therefore ended up being the true point in this one, perhaps not advice on fashion. I willn’t provide advice on fashion is always to anyone.

KURTZ: All right. I want a answer that is short Lauren. Will we ever arrive at the point whereby a woman CEO, also a pregnant girl CEO, will not be news in as well as itself?

ASHBURN: I Am Hoping therefore. I’m not sure if We’ll view it within my life time.

KURTZ: it will likely be some time.

ASHBURN: i believe it will be some time.

KURTZ: All right. Which was a conversation that is lively. Kara Swisher and Lauren Ashburn, many thanks quite definitely for joining us.

Following the break, my two cents on George Zimmerman’s strange strategy when trying to win an acquittal when you look at the Trayvon instance on tv.

KURTZ: not people that are many with murder appear in tv interviews. But George Zimmerman is an exception. He sat straight down with Sean Hannity this week, and even though the Fox Information host ended up being sympathetic and has now unabashedly taken Zimmerman’s side into the Trayvon Martin situation, he asked a number of the concerns that required to be expected.

But that has beenn’t sufficient for Zimmerman. He wished to speak with Barbara Walters. On “the scene,” she was explained by her negotiations with Zimmerman lawyer Mark O’Mara.


BARBARA WALTERS, CO-HOST, “THE VIEW”: Mr. O’Mara confirmed for me that we all know who he is, everybody knows, right if I came down to Orlando, George Zimmerman? — would certainly do an interview with me.

KURTZ: however when Walters along with her team arrived and Zimmerman stepped in, it was no go. (BEGIN ONLINE VIDEO)

WALTERS: then stated he will never do a meeting.


WALTERS: . no real matter what we stated. But he’d if there have been one condition. It absolutely was a condition that, being a member of ABC Information, I happened to be struggling to give.

KURTZ: the issue? He apparently desired ABC to place him up in a www.datingranking.net/wooplus-review/ hotel for an extensive time period|period that is extended of}. From the following day on “The View” came this moment that is strange.


WALTERS: If Mr. Zimmerman could perhaps not perform some meeting — as well as in my ear, my earpiece that is little’m suggesting that Zimmerman called, yes? If you could not do the interview yesterday, I don’t think we should do a quick one today that he just called, and Mr. Zimmerman.

KURTZ: Now, maybe Barbara Walters was showing her pique at having flown down seriously to Florida and returned empty-handed, but i am happy she didn’t cave in. And Walters decided a fast phone discussion ended up being a poor replacement.

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