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Collects: Detective Comics #797, Batman #631, Legends For The Black Knight #182, Nightwing #96, Gotham Knights #56, Robin #129, Batgirl #55, Catwoman #34

Collects: Detective Comics #797, Batman #631, Legends For The Black Knight #182, Nightwing #96, Gotham Knights #56, Robin #129, Batgirl #55, Catwoman #34

Collects: Detective Comics #798, Batman #632, Legends Associated With Dark Knight #183, Nightwing #97, Gotham Knights #57, Robin #130, Batgirl #56, Catwoman #35

Collects: Batman #633, Batgirl #57, Catwoman #36, Robin #131, Batman: Gotham Knights #58

Collects: Robin #132-133 And Batgirl #58-59

Collects: Batgirl #60 To #64

Collects: Batgirl #65 To #73

Into the aftermath of Infinite Crisis .

A New Batgirl from Cassandra Cain to Stephanie Brown

Collects: Batgirl number 1 To # 6

Cassie Cain gets a solo that is relaunched, although of them costing only six problems it absolutely was fairly short-lived.

Collects: Batgirl # 1 To #13

Upon Final Crisis, we have our 3rd Batgirl when you look at the as a type of Stephanie Brown. By Bryan Q. Miller and Lee Garbett, by having a 2009 to 2011 Batgirl series that went for 24 problems.

Collects: Batman, Incorporated #1-8

The very first, Pre-New 52 group of give Morrison’s Batman Inc. features a techspionage that is great featuring Oracle in Batman Inc. #8, “Nightmares in Numberland.” Then, Stephanie Brown stars alongside Batman in Batman, Incorporated: Leviathan Strikes.

Brand New 52 Batgirl Reading Order

For the context that is full of New 52 comics appearances, you should check down Comic Book Herald’s complete New 52 reading purchase.

Collects: Batgirl no. 1 To no. 6

Gail Simone and Ardian Syaf’s New 52 Batgirl relaunch restores Barbara Gordon’s mobility and hero title that is original. The very first arc expertly weaves the activities associated with Killing Joke into a complex therapy for Batgirl without wiping away her time as Oracle.

Collects: Batgirl # 7 To #13

Collects: Batgirl Annual #1, Batgirl #14 to #16, Batman #17, Batgirl #17 to #19

Crossover aided by the Batman loss of the grouped Family tale holding through Scott Synder and Greg Capullo’s operate on New 52 Batman. Barbara finally gets her brand brand brand New 52 one on one aided by the Joker.

Collects: Batgirl #20-26 And Batman: The Black Knight #23.1 – Ventriloquist

Collects: Batgirl #27-34, Batgirl Annual no. 2 And Batgirl: Future’S End number 1

Collects: Birds Of Prey no. 1 To #6

You can either see the brand brand brand New 52 Batgirl and Birds of Prey in alternating volumes (Batgirl Vol. 1 then Birds of Prey Vol. 1, etc) or simply just in chunks them listed out here like I have. Chunks now is easier, however if you truly desire to be cautious aided by the chronology, alternative.

Collects: Birds Of Prey no. 7 To #12

Collects: Birds Of Prey #13-17 And Batgirl Annual number 1

Collects: Birds Of Prey #18-24 And 26 And Talon #9

Collects: Birds Of Prey #25, #27-34 And Birds Of Prey: Futures End # 1

Batgirl of Burnside Relaunch and Batman: Endgame

Collects: Batgirl #35 To #40

Collects: Batman: Endgame Reading Order:

Batman yearly number 3

Gotham Academy: Endgame no. 1

Batgirl: Endgame number 1

Detective Comics: Endgame # 1

Arkham Manor: Endgame no. 1

Batgirl gets an Endgame one-shot tie-in through the mega Batman vs. Joker occasion occurring in the Snyder and Capullo operate.

Collects: Batgirl #41-45, DC Sneak Peek: Batgirl # 1, Batgirl Annual # 3

Collects: Batgirl #46-52

Collects: Convergence: Batgirl no. 1 To # 2

Batgirl’s Convergence tie-in brings right straight right back Stephanie Brown and Cassandra Cain for stints as Batgirl.

You don’t require it, you could observe how these tie-ins squeeze into the full Convergence occasion reading purchase.

Batgirl Rebirth Browsing Order

For complete context to Batgirl’s DC Rebirth appearances, you will see Comic Book Herald’s complete DC Rebirth order that is reading.

Collects: Batgirl Plus The Birds Of Prey: Rebirth # 1, Batgirl Plus The Birds Of Prey #1 To number 6

Rebirth launches a status that is all-new for Batgirl additionally the wild wild Birds of Prey.

Collects: Batgirl #1-6

Beyond the Birds of Prey, Batgirl gets her own Rebirth ongoing.

Collects: Detective Comics #934 to #940

Although there’s no Batgirl in Rebirth’s Detective Comics, the all-new group does add Cassandra Cain as Orphan and Stephanie Brown as Spoiler (as well as Batwoman!).

Collects: Nightwing: Rebirth # 1, Nightwing # 1 to number 6

Batgirl is a vital character that is supporting Nightwing, whilst the longtime romantic interest of Dick Grayson.

Collects: Batgirl Therefore The Birds Of Prey #7-12

Collects: Batgirl #7-11 And Stories From Batgirl Annual number 1

Collects: Detective Comics #943 to #949

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